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Welcome to the Water Palace

At a time when property developments on the island of Bali are becoming as common as kites in the August skies, one has to work a bit to separate the greater projects from the lesser.

Gapura Vista EstateWhat is it that makes an exceptional development? How does one separate the gold from the dross?

Location is certainly a factor; after all, there is only so much prime beach front or cliff top land in Bali. Style is another valid criteria; anyone who has the wherewithal to buy or build in Bali should be demanding exceptional style. Quality of construction should also be a compelling consideration; logically you can't reasonably claim to be one of the best if the quality of your work is poor.

A development which I think fits neatly the criteria for excellence is the Gapura Vista project, being built on the southern cliff tops of Bali. While you've probably never heard of Gapura Vista, there's good reason for that – not only is it a boutique development comprised of just ten top end villas, unique in style and built to the same quality, the strength of the concept and word of mouth rought together a like-minded group of individuals who were looking to create a small and exclusive life style community. Only one of the Villas is therefore for sale as all others are designed and built by the respective owners.

Gapura Vista is located on the cliffs of the Bukit seventy-five meters above the crashing surf of the Indian Ocean. The contour of the plot is perfect, gently sloping from the back to the cliffs' edge, providing natural drainage and perfect view lines. All the villas on the estate have clear ocean views and the landscaping is based on the existing natural shape of the land.

Gapura Vista was designed by architect Walter Wagner of the Habitat 5 group. Walter's work is well-known in Bali and he enjoys a strong reputation for producing excellent stylish work which blends in with the natural surroundings and respects the cultural esthetics for which Bali is rightfully famous. The villas were designed especially to combine the drama of the elevated ocean view with the serenity of the ancient cliff formations. Each owner tailored the designs to suit their own needs, within certain boundaries designed to project the coherency of the project as a whole.

Abutting the estate is a picturesque 350 year old template. The temple provides a pleasing visual contrast with the stunning ocean views. The land surrounding the temple was donated to the local temple by the originators of Gapura Vista. The temple land provides not only an aesthetic and cultural element, but also creates a sheltered area of protected land which preserves the estate's view lines and forecloses the possibility of someone developing a neighboring eyesore.

The location of the estate is only minutes away from the Nusa Dua Golf and Country Club and one of Bali's best swimming and recreation spots, Geger Beach. Residents of the estate will also have access to the beach area below the cliffs and there is even a road down to the underlying beach nearby the development. The new Uluwatu Golf Course, which is currently under construction, is also a mere ten minutes away.

At the very front of the development are two unique residences known as the Water Palaces. Both of these two-storey villas have particularly dramatic unobstructed views over the Indian Ocean. With their placement at the front of the plot, the Water Palaces also have direct access to the cliff face and the beach below and feature outstanding Feng Shui qualities, facing South with the Indian Ocean in the front and the Hills to the North. Each bedroom's orientation follows both the Chinese and Balinese Feng Shui priority whereby the head of the bed either faces East or to the North towards Mount Agung.

clear view to indian ocean

The villas are large, with a built area of 809 sqm on a plot of 1600 sqm. With four en suite bedrooms and a library which can also be used as a fifth bedroom, the Water Palaces are perfect for families who wish a second home or a holiday hideaway.

Habitat 5 chose for this project a range of exceptional high quality materials. The villas are finished with imported black Himalayan slate and acid washed marble. The master suites include teak wood flooring - an increasingly difficult finish to find these days. The pool decks are done in young flamed marble and the other exterior surfaces are a mix of similar high grade timbers and granites.

The two Water Palace residences derive their name from the large water features which Habitat 5 has designed into the landscape. The interaction of the large pools and flowing waters with the crashing waves of the ocean below create a unique and relaxing environment and make the Water Palaces truly special.

The one villa remaining for sale in the Gapura Vista estate is Water Palace II which comes with freehold title. The villa comes with built-in kitchen counters, wardrobes, vanity counters and more. Soft furnishings, decorative lighting, kitchen equipment furniture and art are to be provided by the buyer.

With the right location, defining style and high quality construction, Gapura Vista stands out among Bali developments.

For more information on Water Palace II, contact Zoe Rice or Matthew Georgeson at Elite Havens in Bali. Email:
Telephone: +62 361 738 747



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