Kamis, 30 September 2010

ape shall not kill ape

as gamelan music rings out above our rooftops, and the soft glow of lights dots

the rice fields, it’s easy to get lost in bali’s magic and forget about the plight of

the environment in neighbouring islands
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nfortunately for some travellers, Bali is not so magical. When infant orangutans are captured from the forests of Sumatra and Borneo, Bali often marks the first stop on their journey to a private home or zoo. Once there, they will never have the chance to swing from a tree. They will be spending their life in a small cage or room rather than the vast jungle of their homeland. “While East Java is the epicentre of illegal trade in Indonesian animals, Bali remains a prominent site for such trade as well, with captured animals often passing through Ngurah Rai airport,” claims ProFauna Indonesia.

Orangutan – critically endangered in Sumatra and endangered in Borneo – are one of the most in-demand illegally traded species. Thus, their prices are among the highest. This is in spite of the fact that since 1931 – according to the wildlife trade-monitoring network, TRAFFIC – they have been protected in Indonesia. They add: “Despite a maximum sentence of five years in jail and a fine of Rp. 100 million, the chance of being caught or prosecuted is extremely low.”Such trade leads to the overwhelming problem of what to do with the recovered animals. Many are given to rehabilitation centres in Sumatra and Borneo when they reach adulthood and no longer want to obey humans. In Kalimantan, over 1,000 orangutans have been placed in rehabilitation centres and few stand a chance of returning to the wild.

Furthermore, according to World Wildlife Fund UK, for each infant captured, five to six adults are killed as they attempt to defend the baby. Infants must survive the fall from the trees as they cling to their dying mother, and then endure the lack of proper care, extremely cramped conditions, foreign diseases, and the emotional toll of the entire ordeal. The Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) also claims “with only about 6,600 Sumatran orangutans left in the wild, each captured or killed animal lowers the chances of the species’ survival.”

thou art my joy

the term “art” has become a grey area that is ripe for the picking, and also poking. since creative expression cannot be measured by a mathematical absolute, how does one define art and its worth? here are eight propositions in search of an argument

text peter stephenson image photolibrary

1 At first it would appear that the only trouble with culture in Bali is that there’s way too much of it. It’s hard to find a single view that hasn’t been embellished, framed by carving or careful cultivation, so that even if after a while you start to take it for granted, and stop consciously looking, the whole experience of Bali remains filtered through a filigree of creative endeavour.

2 Yet a further problem arises when someone asks whether we should classify any of it as “art”. Then there’s that other old chestnut – riddled with borers – about the distinction between craft and art; that is, between an activity adjudged to be primarily concerned with the manipulation of materials and an activity primarily concerned with the task of communication and self-expression for its own sake. Until relatively recently, most cultures had no such distinction.

3 So already, the more astute eavesdroppers in this circular argument will mention the tendency to rely on Western parameters that don’t apply to creativity in cultures in other parts of the world, such as ours. Ideas of creativity in Bali, for example, have not always been so bound up in notions of individualism, or the idea of the artist as the elegant stranger come to teach us how to see, ideas that have at least since the European Renaissance underpinned romantic Western notions of artistic endeavour.

seven things you must know about may and lou homes

One of the best things about buying a villa or a property in Bali is the whole experience of looking for the perfect location, the perfect architecture, and then finally seeing it being built. And one way to make this particular experience better is by getting professional help from the right people. As one of the island’s leading property developers, May and Lou Homes comes in with high recommendations. Here are seven things about them that might tickle your fancy:

1 architect, builder and consultant

The guys at May and Lou Homes
don’t just provide you with help in searching for that perfect villa, but you can also come to them for consultations on building your future house from scratch. This means you can come to them with something as little as a dream (and money of course!) and they will do all the necessary work to transform your dream into a reality.

2 house expansion

Should you already have a house or a villa that you want to revamp and expand, these guys can also do it. They are very experienced in building swimming pools, adding an extra bedroom, expanding your kitchen, or even enlarging your garden and working on the landscape to make it look exactly how you want it to be.

3 the kemenuh villa

This gorgeous villa is located in Kemenuh, Gianyar – the town of the woodcarvers – famous for their Balinese-style garuda statues. The two-storey villa is built on a vast 3,600 m2 piece of land and the landscape is quite impressive indeed.

villa air bali

villa air bali

where is it?
Petitenget is the up-and-coming area in Seminyak that still retains a quiet atmosphere. While not exactly next door, the beach and
the much-talked-about restaurants and bars are within walking distance. The villa complex is a stone’s throw away from the locus of Bali’s
pop and high-street cultures, but far enough from the throngs of people, yet at the same time, near enough so that whenever you feel like escaping, your personal sanctuary
is reachable in a jiffy.

what are the villas like?
The one-bedroom villa is spacious with a semi-open living area and bathroom. Each villa is decorated with little gardens, which is probably one of the best features of the villas here.
The whole complex is adorned with beautiful lush landscape with immaculately trimmed greenery. There are so many trees around, it’s easy to think that you are actually living in the woods, but with all the modern comforts of a luxurious villa.
Throughout the day, a mild breeze keeps the whole space of the villa cool. You can do something as simple as sit down, dip your feet in the pool and let the cool air caress your face.

what are the facilities like?
The bathroom is equipped with a Jacuzzi next to a fixture flowing with calming water. There is a personal computer in the room for Internet use, but unfortunately, the WiFi connection is only available at Mata Air Café.
The resort also has a very good spa, Spa Air, which is open to the public. This spa boasts a good selection of ayurvedic treatments that includes shirodara and chakra dara. They also provide in-villa massage services if you’re too lazy to leave your villa. But to get the complete experience, we highly recommend that you make the small effort and bring yourself to the spa.

what about food and drink?
Mata Air Café serves Japanese-French fusion cuisine prepared gourmet style. The in-villa dining menu is also quite extensive and offers a lot of different types of sake, which, for Bali, is very good news. There are also four types of breakfast to choose from: Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and American. •

Published rate for the one-bedroom villas starts
at US$ 400++.

Jl. Lebak Sari, Banjar Taman, Petitenget, T: 0361 737 378, www.villa-airbali.com

spa 2

floating on air

Spa Air at Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort offers a scenic surroundings to your blissful treatments with all spa facilities scattered around a lake and lush greenery. For the whole month of October, get a 30 per cent discount off all treatments (not including yoga and healing sessions) plus an additional 10 per cent off meals in their restaurant pre or post treatment to seal the deal.

Spa Air, Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort, Jl. Lebak Sari, Petitenget, T: 0361 737 378, www.villa-airbali.com
zen facial retreat at karma kandara

Experience three powerful days of self-growth with a pure facial rejuvenation, daily yoga and workshops under the guidance of Japanese practitioner Fumi Yamamoto, fuelled by energy spa cuisine. Fumi is renowned for her holistic approach to beauty – she is qualified in zen shiatsu, yoga, aromatherapy, reflexology, and craniosacral and lymphatic drainage therapy.
During the program, Fumi will conduct a personal zen facial for each guest alongside a facial diagnosis and daily yoga sessions. The zen facial will be complemented by daily spa therapies, collagen-boosting infrared saunas, and energy spa cuisine. This program will be held on October 23 until 25.

Karma Kandara, Jl. Villa
Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan, T: 0361 848 2200,

top o’ the morning to ya!

Theta Spa presents their signature treatment called the marine morning invigorator. It includes a body massage, sea salt scrub, seaweed and banana leaf body wrap, and topped off with an ocean citrus bath to put the spring back in your step.
Best done in the morning to awaken the senses and prepare your skin for sun exposure, this two-hour affair brings all the nourishing effects of the sea to the comfort of Theta’s relax-tastic treatment rooms. Your skin will emerge refreshed, hydrated, and supple, all before you can say, “he motion of the ocean”.

Theta Spa by the Sea, Ramada Bintang Bali Resort, Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta,
T: 0361 755 726, www.thetaspa.com

the science of life at spa the royal

Spa The Royal, which has recently opened at The Royal Santrian presents a chakra-healing ayurvedic therapy based on ancient traditions from India which uses three types of sensory therapies: vata, for a calming and relaxing effect; pitta, for rejuvenation; and kapha for stimulating mental and physical awareness. This two-and-a-half hour treatment is priced at US$ 145 and includes a four-hand massage. Bliss!

Spa The Royal, The Royal Santrian, Jl. Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, T: 0361 778 181,


01 a man’s right to spa

classic touch of comfort and care, maya spa offers everything you’d expect from a high calibre spa
text chris le images courtesy of maya ubud resort and spa

the look
Walking down the walkway from the lobby to the spa is one of the more beautiful walks I’ve ever partaken in inside a resort. It reminded me of being inside an immaculately maintained ancient redoubt of some faraway lost jungle civilization. I was only reminded of my ties to the present by the presence of an elevator, which took me down the valley and
closer to the pavilion that houses the spa lobby.

The spa’s front desk ceiling had beautiful illustrations of scantily clad natives arranged in a sort of hieroglyphic fashion. The walk down to the actual room where the treatment took place was but a brief set of stairs down the valley wall. The rooms were classically Bali inspired with a wooden earthly feel that complemented the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The view itself was nothing short of breathtaking: a river below, a valley in the middle, and a blue sky above.

the touch
Being a very manly and testosterone-fuelled individual, I naturally chose the masculine express treatment. Offered to males only, this brought me to wonder what a gender specific spa therapy entailed. The first step was some reflexology on the sole. Being empowered by the title of my treatment, I communicated the need to have my reflexology at full strength. The pressure points being stimulated were marginally painful at first, but a good reflexology demands sacrifice. I felt my often-neglected feet circulating good energy at the conclusion of this stage of the treatment, a sure sign of a successful foot rub.
The second stage proved my manhood even further. It included a herbal pound, which amounts to a searing hot bunch of herbs wrapped in cloth and gently pummelled against exposed skin. Where the tougher parts of my body could take the thermal healing, some parts like my inner thighs were not as masculine as initially anticipated. It still felt pretty good though.
The conclusion of the treatment included a warm herbal bath on the balcony of the room overlooking the river. The herbs floated freely around me and very much reminded me of being in a magical stew. I was also served some delicious yogurt, fruits, granola and lime juice.

the ingredients
I was given a choice between bergamot and lime or orange rose for the final herbal bath. The herbal pound was made of a large assortment of different herbs that included China moon, ginger, lime and some roots. What this entire man therapy amounted to was a replacement of all the girly things such as flowers and fruity scrubs in favour of the manliness of herbs, which I think is completely sensible because I enjoy being pampered… in a manly way.

the exceptional
The view from your therapy room at the Maya Spa is truly something that sets it apart from a lot of spas. The sheer scenic magnificence of a jungle valley with the low rumbling of a river below whilst getting a massage is something quite magical. •

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa,
Jl. Gunung Sari Peliatan, T: 0361 977 888, www.mayaubud.com

02 perfect twenty

the twenty-fingers massage by mandara spa is the closest thing to the sublime
text indra john images courtesy of ayodya spa by mandara

the look
Think earthy colours, long, dark and cave-like pathways with unique oriental ornaments. The Ayodya Spa by Mandara is set in a large complex, therefore the treatment rooms and spa villas are quite spacious. Of their 13 single treatment rooms, four are equipped with in-room showers, and there is also a dedicated hand and foot spa area. Each of the spa villas also has their own steam shower, outdoor bale, bath and bathtub.

the touchThe twenty-fingers massage is arguably the epitome of the sublime. To the untrained mind and eyes, it might look as simple as two therapists giving you a massage at the same time, but the actual application involves so much more. These therapists must work on you in a synchronised rhythm, pace and pressure. And when it’s done properly, there is nothing more you can do because you don’t feel like you posses your own body anymore; you’re so relaxed, the only thing left to do is to close your eyes, let go, and think, “This is how cloud nine must feel like.”
On top of this, Mandara’s signature massage combines shiatsu, Hawaiian lomi-lomi, Thai, Swedish, and Balinese massage techniques and the transition from one massage technique to another is almost seamless.

the ingredients
Mandara Spa has four different aromatherapy massage oils to choose from: harmony, Mandara, island spice, and tranquillity. This time, I went for the island spice oil, which is a concoction of clove, ginger and nutmeg. It has a warming effect and I found that the strong clove aroma of the oil did the difficult task of relaxing my mind. It tingled in the beginning, but the moderate heat was a pleasure from the first time it touched an exhausted body.

the extraordinary
In addition to the excellent spa products from Pevonia Botanica used by this spa, they also let you choose your own music. This, to me, is exceptionally excellent because not everyone’s idea of relaxing music is a line-up of New Age tunes. Sometimes, a little bit of jazz might be better on that particular day, or if not, a little bit of pop. After all, a spa experience is as personal as it gets. •

Ayodya Spa by Mandara,
Ayodya Resort Bali, Jl. Pantai Mengiat, Nusa Dua, T: 0361 771 102,

food events

Astor Ballroom, The St Regis Bali Resort: Karat Caviar and Champagne Duval-Leroy dinner with a special menu created by executive chef Oscar Perez. The affair starts with a cocktail and canapé reception at King Cole Bar, which is then followed by a six-course dinner at Astor Ballroom. Rp. 2,250,000 nett, T: 0361 300 6114

Bella Singaraja Restaurant, InterContinental Bali Resort: Italian dinner – antipasti buffet and classic pasta mains – with 50 per cent off on all house wines and…a singing chef! Rp. 260,000++ per person for dinner only, 6.30-10pm,
T: 0361 701 888

Café Lagoon, The Laguna Nusa Dua: two Balinese cooking classes to choose from created by their award-winning executive chef I Made Putra. The Epicurean Exploration class includes a trip to a local food market and three-course Balinese lunch (US$ 95++), and the Exquisite Epicurean Class includes an introduction to Bali’s exotic spices and herbs and a three-course lunch (US$ 55++). Booking is a must. Every Friday, starts at 12 midday,
T: 0361 771 327

Kayumanis Restaurants: daily-themed dinners – Indonesian cuisine with keroncong (Jimbaran, Tapis Restaurant, US$ 40++), flavours from Italy (Nusa Dua, Piasan Restaurant, US$ 40++), picnic lunch in the woods (Ubud, Buahan Village, US$ 35++) and a barbeque of Balinese delicacies with live dance performances (Sanur, Gong Restaurant, US$ 40++),
T: 0361 705 777

Mata Air Café, Villa Air Bali
: healthy-lunch set menu that includes Parma ham and organic vegetables, rolled chicken, tuna carpaccio, snapper Monte Carlo and many more. Booking also comes with a special discount on beverage purchases. Rp. 199,000++, T: 0361 737 378

Pesona Lounge, Grand Hyatt Bali: choose from a myriad of their quality spirits and create your own martinis.
Rp. 98,000++ per glass, daily 8-11pm,
T: 0361 771 234


what the fizz

a refreshing cocktail is the ultimate cure for all that ails you. hip hangout spot sea circus shares some tips on getting tipsy on their signature cocktails
text annisa dharma images robert dylan

the sea circus sparkler

Referred to as “naughtiness in a glass”, this drink is based on the Sgroppino, an Italian drink that is part lemon sorbet, part sparkling wine, 100 per cent refreshing.

60g / 1 scoop fruit sorbetto
30ml peach liqueur
75ml sparkling wine
4 cubes of ice

Throw it in the blender to get on
a three-day bender.

the pow wow

Although served in a vintage milk bottle, making it very look very innocent, this drink is anything but.

135ml gin
30ml lime juice
45ml lychee liqueur
225ml pineapple juice
30ml lychee syrup
3 slices fresh ginger

Add all ingredients to the milk bottle, then stir well and serve on the rocks in latté glasses. Garnish with lychees and pineapple leaves in the bottle.

dine for....


the setting
Nestled right in front of the most frequented beach on the island, Legian Beach Hotel stands in the middle of Kuta and Seminyak. The ocean view is paired with an interesting people-watching experience as you see groups of beachcombers migrate up and down the pre-sunset beach.

shakti dining room

the setting
Placed at the centre of Fivelements Puri Ahimsa healing centre, Shakti dining room is a treat for your mind, soul, and digestive tract. The inspiring architecture of predominant bamboo stretched and structured into flowing curves exudes an austere feeling of harmony between what is grown and what is built. Don’t limit yourself to just the restaurant, walk around the place and enjoy the wonderfully crafted structures that can be best described as a Willy Wonka-Swiss Family Robinson mash-up.


the setting
Feyloon is right on Bemo Corner across the street from KFC on Jl. Raya Kuta. Its interior screams Cantonese, dominated by red and strong Hong Kong-inspired motifs. With large tables in a huge banquet setting, it’s the perfect place for large gatherings, because the only way to truly enjoy Chinese cuisine is to do it family style.

events 2....

the kite runners at bali hyatt

This year marks the 14th Bali Hyatt Annual Kite Competition. All departments in the resort challenged each other with modern or traditional kite creations, and showcased their flying abilities under the warm Balinese sun.
On the day of the Kite Festival, the competition commenced with a parade from Bali Hyatt’s Telaga Naga Restaurant to the beachfront, where each department presented interesting performances
and attractions before flying their kites. The criteria for the kite competition included concept, creativity, design, colour, teamwork and, of course, the kite’s flying performance. Judges were invited from
travel agent partners, in-house guests, and
hotel management.

Bali Hyatt, Sanur, T: 0361 281 234, www.bali.resort.hyatt.com
hot yoga, hot dancers, hot rhythm

A new sanctuary devoted to creating a happy, healthy community through freedom of movement, asana, pranayama and meditation has opened in the heart of Petitenget. Jiwa Yoga and Dance offers classes for hot yoga, dance, and other healthy activities that promote physical and inner strength.

Jiwa Yoga and Dance, Jl. Petitenget no. 78, Kerobokan, T: 0361 841 3689,

a rendezvous with balimoon

On August 7, the Third Annual Bali Superyacht Rendezvous was held at the BPC City Hotel in Denpasar. BaliMoon Liqueurs hosted the event as the main sponsor, where more than 300 people attended to support some very special charities. This event is part of the Charity Rendezvous Series set up by The Yacht Support Group. BaliMoon and Indo Yacht Support surpassed expectations in funds raised and the chosen charities will receive an equal share of donations to further expand their goals this year. Food from the event was delivered to the Bali Street Kids Orphanage.

BaliMoon Liqueurs, T: 0361 283 840, www.balimoonliqueurs.net
we got the FEAR

Legendary front man of the Stone Roses, Ian Brown, gave a spectacular performance at Hard Rock Café in Kuta. The God-like genius showcased some of his most popular hits such as Corpses in Her Mouth, Golden Glaze, and FEAR to a screaming crowd that packed the venue end to end. Ian Brown did his famous monkey dance on stage while interacting with the fans and rocking the house.

Hard Rock Café, Jl. Pantai Kuta, T: 0361 761 869
an heir to the warisan

The acclaimed Warisan name has recently opened a gallery of their beautiful furniture and home décor collection. Warisan has been producing furniture since 1989. Also located within the gallery is a fine dining restaurant that boasts an exquisite atmosphere in line with the Warisan concept.

Warisan Living, Jl. Raya Kerobokan no. 68, Kerobokan, T: 0361 730 048, www.warisan.com
swiss-belhotel takes over bali kuta resort

Swiss-Belhotel International, a rapidly expanding international management company with over 60 hotels, resorts and projects in Asia Pacific and the Middle East took over the management of 251 international standard rooms in Kuta as of August 1.
The new property, Bali Kuta Resort by Swiss-Belhotel, is conveniently located in the heart of Kuta, 15 minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport and five minutes from Kuta beach. The location of the hotel allows easy access to entertainment venues, tourist attractions, exclusive shopping and site seeing in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Nusa Dua.

Bali Kuta Resort by Swiss-Belhotel, Jl. Majapahit no. 18, Kuta, T: 0361 762 818, www.swiss-belhotel.com

sanur village festival cleans up

This year’s Sanur Village Festival began with an environmentally conscious activity: beach cleaning, which was held on Saturday, July 31. Along the shores of Sanur beach, students, workers of hotels and restaurants surrounding the area pitched in to clear the waste.
Mercure Resort Sanur was one of the proud participants of this eco-friendly activity, in line with their commitment to continuously support environment conservation initiatives.

Mercure Resort Sanur,
Jl. Mertasari, Sanur,
T: 0361 288 833
stars of guigal at karma kandara

Karma Kandara presented a wonderfully elegant wine-pairing dinner at di Mare restaurant hosted by Guigal’s roving ambassador Brett Crittenden. The rich and flavourful wines
from the France’s Rhone Valley were paired with an immaculate five-course meal created by their executive chef Simon Blaby.
In addition to a classically friendly crowd, a beautiful restaurant, and a luxurious atmosphere, it was indeed a night to remember.

Jl. Villa Kandara Banjar Wijaya Kusuma Ungasan, T: 0361 848 2200,
intercontinental bali’s temple anniversary

InterContinental Bali Resort recently celebrated the anniversary of its temple. This annual event was scheduled in accordance to the Balinese lunar calendar to coincide with the full moon. The day of the ceremony saw the resort’s Hindu community gather for a series of symbolic rituals and blessings performed by a high-caste priest. Colourful offerings of fruit and flowers were placed in the shrines within the temple complex to appease the Gods.

InterContinental Bali Resort, Jl. Uluwatu no. 45, Jimbaran, T: 0361 701 888, www.bali.intercontinental.com
the junction house music festival

The Junction House Music Festival hosted the sixth volume of its annual summer gathering in Bali for three days with over 3000 guests attending at various hot spots around the island. The festival saw performances by world class DJs such as Osunlade, Simon Dunmore, Gregory, Stevie G, Hideo Kobayashi and many more, including local talents Anton Wirjono, DJs Hogi and Downey. The Junction 2010 was hosted by Lupo Music, Future10 Productions and Pro Motion Events.


nusa dua fiesta
September 15 - October 19

Bali Tourism Development Corporation is putting on a festival in the most developmentally touristy place on the island, Nusa Dua. The festival organisers boast a green theme this year with a “beach plastic clean up”, Nusa Dua coral reef programmes, and “greening initiatives such as One Man, One Tree”. Also featured will be sporting events and a culinary challenge.
So be green, wash the island.
rock bar “jakarta crowd”night
September 18

Everyone’s favourite bar that’s perched on a rock reaches out to our city dwelling kin with DJ Chris Penny aka Cpen. Expect housey grooves with deep bass. Make sure you bring the most fashionable gear to match our neighbour’s status-obsessed society. Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera Jimbaran,
T: 0361 702 222, www.ayanaresort.com
of readers and writers
Oct 6-10

The 2010 Citibank - Ubud Writers and Readers Festival will once again feature a host of established writers and a constellation of rising stars from Indonesia and around the globe. Among them, Man Booker Prize winners Thomas Keneally (1982) and Anne Enright (2007), journalist and BBC correspondent Kate Adie, historian and travel writer William Dalrymple, celebrated Chinese author Ma Jian, and veteran Indonesian man of letters Sitor Situmorang. If scintillating presentations, discussions and literary lunches are not enough, there are more than a dozen workshops for budding wordsmiths, while a series of evening events including play readings, a poetry slam, spoken word and rap performances, and a clamour of parties and dinners will keep tails and tongues wagging well into the night. The theme of this year’s festival is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – Harmony in Diversity, and a tribute to one of Indonesia’s late great harmonisers, Abdurrachman Wahid (alias Gus Dur) will be another of the festival’s highlights www.ubudwritersfestival.com
fasting month
August 11– September 10

The holy month of Ramadhan is here and it’s time to respect the fact that even if you’re not fasting, some people are. Be kind to those people, Ramadhan is an expression of faith and spirituality, and you have to admire the willpower it takes to do an entire workday without eating and drinking
dance asia
September 1

Dance Asia, a dance studio-cum-café-cum-retail outlet, will celebrate its opening grandly on September 30. The opening celebration will feature (you guessed it) dance performances. Dancing fanatics and enthusiasts alike can mingle in what has been “dubbed as Bali’s newest dance hub” starting on September 1. Check out their location for dance class schedules.

Sunset Road 48B (between Jl. Kunti and
Jl. Plawa), T: 03618475891
horace bristol exhibit
until october 4

Horace Bristol’s photography continues its exhibition throughout the month. Enjoy picturesque scenes of Indonesia in the late ‘30s that are sure to ease your mind away from the out-of-control development and traffic found in the world of today. Jalan Uluwatu ll, T: 0361 703311, www.jenggala.com
bellobono at biasa
Until September 15

Angelo Bellobono’s marvellous works of art are still on display until Sept 15 at Biasa Artspace. If you happen to be shopping in the Seminyak area (based on the tips in this shopping issue) drop in and take in some culture!
Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 34, T: 0361 847 5766, www.biasaart.com
bikini martini
September 26

Royal Santrian is hosting a beach day with free flow martinis from 3 to 5 pm (Rp. 350,000). There is no cover charge and ladies will be able to enjoy one free watersport activity. Music will be provided by DJ Chill Out. From 10am – 6pm.
Jl Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, T: 0361 778 181, www.theroyalsantrian.com
art of body
September 1

The first yoga-fit studio to open in Sanur is wide open for business. The studio will offer everything from “yoga to personal training, from Pilates to health retreats and gym concepts, of which aim is to inspire people to live healthy and balanced lives.” A wide variety of combination classes will be available so check out the website and sculpt your body into a piece of art and get fit!
Hotel Puri Tempo Doeloe, Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 209, T:0361 286 542, www.theartofbody.com
abstract lines at ganesha
–October 4

Opening on September 2 at 6.30pm at
the Ganesha Gallery is the dual exhibition
of acclaimed abstract artists Ida Bagus
Urip Candrabayu and I Wayan Setem.
The paintings have little basis in the visual world around us but rely on the inner
workings of emotions inside the mind’s eye. Essentially, they are painted feelings;
so get all emotional at the Ganesha.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay,
T: 0361 701 010, www.fourseasons.com

no place like home......

no place like home

from interviews with the movers and shakers of the island’s property industry to the a to z of building your own pad, here is all you need to know about making yourself a home in bali

saxon looker
sea sentosa and the layar

www.seasentosa.com, www.thelayar.com

on sea sentosa
Originally, my concept was to do villas because we [Sentosa Group] are known to be very good at it. But this particular site just doesn’t lend itself to it. So, what we’re doing instead is to try and make the most tasteful apartments as we possibly can. That’s why we have enlisted Patrick Blanc who is the foremost vertical garden specialist in the world. We’re trying to make everything as green as possible, as visually stunning as possible but at the same time as unobtrusive as possible to the beauty of the surrounding nature.

on the environment
Our aim is to be as environmentally responsible as we can. We will handle our waste in a responsible way meaning our water waste will have zero water pollution and we’re using power as smartly as possible. I have a personal connection to the site. I’m a surfer who surfs there every single day. Therefore, it’s very important for me how clean the rivers are.

on working with the local communities
The community [in the vicinity of the site] has actually been very actively involved with the design. It’s been a very interactive process. What the villagers have recommended for the development,
which we have adopted, has made it even better. We listen to what they have to stay about the height in relation to the temple, the aesthetics such as having certain things more Balinese and much more. We know how much
the status of the temple means to the community and this has to be respected and so are the wishes of the individual villager.

on developments in bali
I’m definitely for developments in Bali. I know there are those who are saying that all developments are bad. But if you want to take that position, we’d all be sitting down in Kuta. While some westerners are against the developments, the actual chief of the village is saying that the development is going to be really good for the community. I’m not suggesting that what the expats are saying between their yoga session and their massage is not to be listened to, but development for any place is important, especially for Bali, which depends on its tourism industry. But at the same time, you have to make it as responsible as possible. You have to make sure it relates to the community as well as it possibly can. And I know in Bali, it has to, otherwise your project won’t be a success.

and more about the layar
is it possible for the buyers of your property to personalise their purchase? Yes. Personalisation options include:
Shape of the swimming pool.
Shape and position of the garden Jacuzzi.
Layout of bathrooms, including possibility of air-conditioning.
Change/upgrade of flooring materials.
Upgrade of internal bathtub to Jacuzzi bathtub.

The best of bali Awards 2010

best of bali

ah, the moment all you readers (and nominees) have been waiting for. the votes for the 2010 hellobali best of bali awards have been submitted by the judges and have been counted and double-checked. here we present to you the list of winners, with a comprehensive vote count just so you know where they stand.
envelope, please. and the award goes to…

the judges

Our panel of judges is quite vast, although some prefer to stay anonymous. However, there are some judges that have agreed to be mentioned, as listed below:

  1. Chris Salans, chef owner of Mozaic Restaurant
  2. Jose Luis Calle, general manager of The Balé and The Amala
  3. Guy Bedarida, head designer and creative director of John Hardy Jewellery
  4. Kim Randall, director of Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Arts
  5. Mark Kuan, owner of Delicious Onion
  6. Peter Stephenson, culturalist-cum-writer
  7. Nobuyuki Narabayashi, head designer of Desain 9
  8. I Made Putra, executive chef of The Laguna Nusa Dua
  9. Darren Lauder, executive chef of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa
  10. Malik Lomax, DJ extraordinaire
  11. Judy Chapman, wellness and spa curator at Karma Resorts
  12. Martin East, DJ and music producer
  13. Tipi Jabrik, professional surfer
  14. Annisa Dharma, editor of hellobali
  15. Unggul Hermanto, editor-in-chief of hellobali.

hellobali readers’ most favourite chef
Winner: Christian Hinckley, executive chef of Amandari
Runner up: Simon Blaby, executive chef of Karma Kandara

Best fine-dining restaurant Restaurants that serve delicious food with a side of class
Winner: Il Ristorante, The Bvlgari Resort (33.33%)

Best casual-dining restaurant Affordable cuisine in a comfortable setting
Winner: Sardine (40%)

Best new restaurant
The newbie that proves to be a goodie, in all aspects mentionable. This restaurant is preferably not more than two years old
Winner: MÉTIS (46.67%)

Best place to boogie
Venues that have an ample-sized dance floor, good live music, lively atmosphere, and, most importantly, the boogie factor
Winner: Hu’u Bar (40%)

Best place to get wasted
Venues that encourage, support, and fight for your right to party. Consider the quality and variety of drinks
Winner: The Living Room (33.33%)

Best new bar or club
Recently opened bars or clubs that have made a statement in the scene
Winner: Rock Bar (53.33%)

Best party
Quite simply, events that rocked the island in the past year
Winner: The Junction House Music Festival (40%)

Best original cocktail
Many venues offer original masterpieces in the art of mixing, we would like to know which cocktails from which venues are the favourite creations of many
Winner: Bali Mary at the St Regis Bali Resort (33.33%)

Most magical fingers
Spas that offer the best, most divine massages and rubdowns, without all the frills and thrills
Winner: Jari Menari (33.33%)

Best new hotel or villa
Newly established accommodation that truly makes the hospitality industry proud
Winner: Alila Villas Uluwatu (60%)

Hotel or villa with the best design
Accommodation that stands out for its aesthetic features (interior design, architecture, and overall décor)
Winner: Alila Villas Uluwatu (53.33%)

Most original cuts in a fashion label
Fashion labels that have the most cutting-edge and unique cuts, shapes and structures for their clothing
Winner: BIASA (40%)

Most avant-garde accessories
Trinkets that possess beautiful and innovative designs
Winner: Jemme (26.67%) & John Hardy Jewellery (26.67%)

Greenest establishment
Companies, organisations, venues that support and effectively practice an eco-friendly attitude
Winner: The Green School (45.45%) & Ibuku Bamboo by Design (45.45%)

Best arts and culture event or festival
Events and/or festivals that successfully promoted, cultivated and displayed the arts and culture of the island in all forms imaginable
Winner: The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (60%)


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