Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

Me, Myself and A Bottle of Red Wine

Step into the private world of the Ayana Resort and Spa, set high on the stunning hillside above Jimbaran Bay. A natural spa sanctuary, it has not been influenced by the popular minimalist approach to décor and style: rather, it is a resort that has embraced its natural environment and developed a reputation as a lavish place of grandeur and decadence.

The Ayana Resort and Spa offers one of the most perfectly unusual treatments on the island, a treatment that can be described as delicious and absolutely alcoholic which leaves you feeling soft and refreshed and completely free from inhibitions and stress. The two-hour Mellow Wine Therapy is performed within the calming environment of a private spa villa surrounded by leafy green gardens, whilst the sound of cascading water lulls even the most tense of guests into a sense of peacefulness.

Like many packages, the Mellow Wine Therapy begins with a refreshing footbath and salt scrub to gently tease away dull skin and stimulate the circulation. Swayed by the calming influence of the therapist it is easy to feel completely relaxed before the treatment has barely even started. The next hour is devoted to a Balinese massage, performed using a moisturising Japanese grape oil. Therapists at Ayana demonstrate expert technique and control as they change their massage pressure with varying strokes, each firm enough to reach even the deepest muscle aches.

Based in Hokkaido, an area well known for viticulture in Japan, Enologist specialises in using grapes as their principal ingredient. Each of the dark skinned grapes, rich in antioxidants known to help keep skin young and beautiful, are pressed first for winemaking, then the remnant grapes and resin are used to make the Enologist oil, cream and essence used in this treatment.

With the deep tissue taken care of, the treatment moves to focus on the upper layers of the skin. The body is given a generous coating of the silky grape masque that will keep the heat and scent of the wine, before being wrapped up to let the beneficial properties of the grape penetrate. While wrapped and resting, a gentle mini-facial takes care of any last vestiges of tension, as the therapist strokes and smoothes skin and scalp.

The musty aroma of fermented grapes is strange at first, and certainly nothing like the sickly sweet oils often used in spa treatments, but ultimately the authenticity and simplicity of the products are refreshing and the skin is left glowing, whilst the environment of Ayana leaves the mind calm.

The final, and most wildly decadent, stage of the treatment is set within the flower filled bath and sees guests reclining whilst being served a selection of cheese and crackers, olives and, of course, a bottle of wine. The bottle is then tipped into the bath to mingle with the flowers whilst you can enjoy a glass or two for yourself.

A unique finishing touch it certainly is, but with no real function in terms of therapy, you will have to decide if you are decadent enough: we advise you watch how much of the bottle is being poured into the water. If you save a glass or two extra to enjoy in the bath, it becomes a deliciously decadent ending to the ultimate wine fuelled afternoon. You’d better not plan on doing anything afterwards.

Ayana Resort and Spa
Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, T: 0361 702 222



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