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Happy Birthday Hatten Wines - Through Rosé Tinted Glasses!

hatten wineThis August Hatten Wines will celebrate 12 years of making wine, and in particular, celebrate the birthday of their first table wine – Rosé. Rosé has produced 173 vintages in 12 years, which is quite a feat in itself! Due to the Balinese climate, grapes can be harvested every 120 days, producing wine all year round.

Hatten Rosé is an ideal wine for the warm climate of the tropics, making it perfect to drink at any time of the day or evening. It is a European style wine, that served chilled, is delicious by itself, or can compliment an array of food tastes. It is particularly suited to light meals such as salads, antipastos, pastas, or a selection of white meat dishes, or even spicy Asian cuisine.

Did you know that there are two techniques to make Rosé wine?
There is the Pressing Method, or the Saignee Method (American method)
Hatten Rosé is made from the Pressing Method and is not considered either a red or a white wine. It is made from the Alphonse Lavellee Grapes which brings out its own flavour of tropical fruits and aromas, therefore it is not as heavy to drink as a red nor has strong overtures of a white. As the Rosé is young and crisp, it does not have a long shelf life so is best drunk within 6 months. Cheers!

To celebrate the birthday of Hatten Wines send us your holiday experience drinking Rosé. If we select your experience for publishing, we willl give you a couple of complimentary bottles to further enhance your holiday!
E-mail or before July 31st, 2006.

Hatten wines can be found in all leading outlets – hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and bottle stores. Hatten Wines also have tasting outlets in Bali at their wine cellar - "Cellardoor" and Centro Shopping Mall.
Phone: 0361 767 422.



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