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Family Fun : Waterbom

waterbomBali's very own waterpark, really does have something for everyone.Set on 3.8 hectares of land; most of which is lush tropical gardens; it is a beautiful location and is perfectly cared for. Waterbom is actually one of Bali's botanical gardens with a wide range of plants – some easy to find, others very rare. Some are planted by their own gardeners, others simply grow from seeds dropped by birds.

The park is a five minute drive to/from the airport & right in the heart of Kuta opposite Bali's bustling shopping mall – The Discovery Mall.Living here with children, I have to admit to being a pretty regular visitor; however when I went recently, I went not only to enjoy, but also to look for things to write about. Result: the place has far more than I ever realised! In the last six months the entrance has moved and grown. It now houses a shop and Soul Asylum a spa offering treatments for children as well as adults; as well as the regular 'way-in' turn style. The security is very good. They have also improved the guest facilities so now there are bigger lockers and changing rooms – pink for girls, blue for boys! There are hot showers, facilities for the disabled and a babychange room. A new PA system keeps you informed of events happening throughout the day.

The main attraction has to be the slides. There is a series of six 'big slides' ranging from the soft and gentle 'Raft River'; great for younger children, to the absolutely terrifying 'Smash Down' for the 'less fearful' - you drop out of the sky and end up with your stomach in your mouth. Some slides require huge tyres to get down, some mats and some just your bare bum! Some you can do with a partner – or even accompanied by three others if you take a double tyre and sit on each others' laps with the aim of going 'really fast'! Some you have to do alone. Whichever, whatever, there are HOURS of fun to be had. And plenty of steps to climb.

The 'kiddie's area' is great fun for the children. It houses three shorter, slower slides along with 'Bombastic' – a wet climbing frame with slides, water guns and a huge bucket which sporadically tips, consequently soaking anyone underneath it. The gardens all around the kiddies area have recently been extended offering loads more space and more sunloungers. Waterbom's newest addition, just recently opened is The Boomerang. Waterbom is the first water park in the Asia Pacific region and only the fourth in the world to have this slide – so quite something!It is a massive half pipe on which two riders shoot down a steep slope creating enough speed to send them up a ten metre ramp at a sixty degree angle and then come down backwards; and very fast! The ride lasts for about fifteen seconds and will leave you breathless! Adrenaline seekers – this is for you.

All Lifeguards in the park are Australian trained, very friendly and speak great English. There always seems to be an abundance of them and all staff in general. Life saving equipment is of international standard and particular attention is paid to the kiddie's area in keeping it non slip, clean and safe. Qualified first aid attendants with eyes in the back of their heads are also around.So what else is there to do? Mandara Spa have a Bale near the large pleasure pool which offers a range of pampers & wonderful aromas – take a babysitter or a husband/wife & hide out there! Half price for KITAS holders. Other activities? The pleasure pool – as you enter - is great for lounging around; it is also the place for the odd game of volley ball and water aerobics take place daily. Close by is a duplicate rock face, for those of us that fancy exerting loads of energy and climbing a sheer rock. If not, try Ping Pong, Football, Badminton, Boules, Pool or just lazing around in the sun! There really is something for everyone here.

Scuba Duba Doo has an outlet inside Waterbom. Introduce your children to scuba diving - lessons are for children from 8-12 years old. Contact Waterbom for more information on the ins and outs.So with all these activities what about food?. The food at Waterbom is fantastic and supplied by M&M Catering. Yet again, there is something for everyone – Pizzas, Asian, Snacks, Salads, Sandwiches; every tastebud is catered for. You can even sit on your sunlounger & have it brought to you if you are feeling really lazy! No extra charge. After lunch there are ample tempting icecream stands around. All this and the prices are very reasonable.

waterbomNow what else to entice you? As you leave (or as you arrive depending on how fast you can get by it) is Eurobungy., Lots of children seem to 'need' to do it! Great fun – an upside down Bungy. Before leaving you also need to get past the photo stand. All day long Big Brother has been watching you & you didn't even realise! And there is your grin plastered on the wall – you gotta buy it. I recently went to Eurodisney where they do the same thing, but you have to take out a mortgage to buy the photo – once again prices here are very reasonable.

So, all in all – a great day out, a lot of fun and something for every minute of the day. Children love it, so do the adults. The food is good, so are the souvenirs and the memories. What more can you ask? Enjoy! Entrance fees are reasonable but Waterbom also do regular offers whereby you pay for one day and get the next half price. They also do annual memberships with which you can visit four times a month.

Please call direct for current information on +62-361 755676. The Waterbom shuttle bus serving various hotels is also bookable on this number.



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