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Energy Rituals - Kriya Spa

Here on this lovely island paradise we've learnt of a different way to reinvigorate and to rest. We've learnt to be treated and spoiled, polished and cared for until we feel like facing the world again. We've also discovered that there is a perfect place to find comfort, to heal and to rest. A place that offers an alternate prescription for the body and the mind.

Kriya means "rituals" in Sanskrit, so that is exactly why we have come to Kriya at the Grand Hyatt Bali in Nusa Dua. The signature spa rituals here are designed to guide guests on a process of transformation that has been developed from the traditional healing knowledge of Hinduism.

The first step on the path to healing is to sit down for a consultation with Dr Sanjay, who will prescribe you the perfect treatment or treatment plan for your individual needs. The four ritual elements to be experienced are harmony, purity, energy and bliss.

Harmony is found with the Moksha Kriya, a ritual to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. For Purity, one should look no further than the Nirmala Kriya, which promises to achieve transformation through boosting the body's natural healing abilities. Bliss is offered with a choice between the Aanand Kriya, a treatment for those who are seeking total relaxation or the Cinta Kriya for couples who are looking to retreat and share. Then there are the Energy treatments; the treatments that will treat you back to life. First on the list is Yowanna Kriya for sloughing off exhaustion, reviving and bringing new energy.

But, I've been prescribed the Energy ritual known as Shakti Kriya. It is a rejuvenation treatment based on the principals of Balinese spa healing, intended to achieve deep invigoration of mind and body. The two-and-a-half-hour treatment allows you to enhance and refresh with the age old recipes of Balinese herbs combined with classic massage techniques and treatments to restore, balance and energise body and mind.

Once within the peaceful surrounds of a private spa villa, change into your dressing gown, slippers and extra special spa attire and sit down for the sea salt foot bath which helps to guide guests into a relaxed state of mind.

Laying face down on the massage table, the therapist will cleanse your energy and prepare you for your healing journey with a chakra healing before beginning the Traditional Balinese Boreh Body Envelopment Treatment.

This ancient healing mask is designed to ease both aches and pains with a sweet earthy blend of native clove, cinnamon, coconut and ginger root applied to the skin using specialised touch therapies. As the therapist gently massages the walnut brown mixture onto the skin the aroma of sweet spice fills the air and further amplified when the body is cocooned in a warm electrical blanket the therapist wraps around the body.

Whilst wrapped up in this amazing insulated shell, a head massage sooths the mind and allows the body to rest. Enhanced by this element this treatment is designed to warm up the muscles, activate the mind, boost circulation of the blood and increase metabolism.

the peaceful surrounds of the private spa villaStep out the door for a quick rinse in the outdoor shower before laying down in the private pavilion in anticipation of the Kriya Specialised Massage Therapy.
Bali Pijat Cokor, the massage within the Shakti Kriya package is famous as being a massage for a warrior. The specialty of this massage, and the reason for my anticipation is found in the fact that the massage utilises the firm rhythmic strokes of the therapists feet to unknot deep-seated muscle tension. Laying there, the therapist gaining extra strength by balancing with a knot tied to the rafters above me, I understand why this massage is so healing. The feet seem to have a way of encouraging muscles to collapse and follow the direction and order of the strong manipulating feet.

On finishing the massage it's just a matter of hopping into the outdoor tub for a steaming hot Sea Salt Hydro-Soak Therapy bath. The Sea Salt Hydro-Soak is rich in minerals and salts that are used to activate circulation and re-contour the body. This bath is recommended for those trying to fight problem areas and relieve stubborn cellulite.

Sitting comfortably in neck high hot water that is ever so slightly tipping over the edge of the bath, a cup of soothing herbal tea clasped between my hands, sweetened with a spoonful of honey to taste, I find myself finally letting go of my exhaustion and truly relaxing in a state of pampered harmony. The bath is filled with a large jug of sea salt, a healthy helping of additional mineral and herbal salts alongside a couple of herbal pouches and a perfectly adult amount of bubbles for good measure.

Kriya Spa, Grand Hyatt Bali,Nusa Dua T: 0361 778 884, www.kriya-spa.com



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